Working on: “Help, I am going to India on business”

Together with Biplov Bora, I have been working on “Help, I am going to India on business”. The intention is to make book out of it. The material is also used when I do workshops for Nordic companies working with India. You are welcome to read some of our draft chapters.

Holi celebrations India
The book has a ton of funny illustrations made by the Indian cartoonist Biplov Bora.

Humoristic approach – loaded with powerful lessons

Together with Biplov Bora, I am creating a humoristic business travel survival guide, to prepare business travelers for their crash with India and business in India.

The book is written based on my own experience from 2 decades of doing business in India. The book has a ton of funny illustrations by Biplov Bora.

Some of the open draft chapters

imageSecret: why a moustache is good for business in India

I thought a clean shave signalized trust, and hence was good for business. I was wrong.

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do_donts_indiaDo’s and don’ts on business travel to India (updated)

Handshake when meeting people? Should I discuss religion and politics? How should I dress? What to do if I am invited home to someone? Should I offer bribes to speed things up?
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(C) 2014 Trond SkundbergMy India business rule #3: Don’t take YES for an answer

The sweet taste of a YES doesn’t last for long if the actual answer should have been NO. So, take some time to determine how much “yes” a “yes” actually is. Here’s the simple method in India business.
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trond-skundberg-what-you-see-2My India business rule #2: Just assume that “what you see is NOT what you get”

My experience is that in India hardly anything is as it looks. Nothing is as good as it seems. Nothing is as bad as it seems.
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india_success_trond_skundbergThe simple formula to India success

Are you eager to introduce your products or services to the billion people market India? Let me introduce you to criteria number one for India success.

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noNever expect a “NO” in India

When in India, you can’t avoid getting into a situation where you think “why didn’t he just answer; no?” or “why didn’t she just tell me it was not possible?”

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