Have a look at what convinced me that the Patni Groups Scandinavian outsourcing-arm is a gift to Norwegian software developers and IT-departments.

Solid owners – the Patni family is the pioneer in Indian IT industry

3 decades of experience, a strong brand name, strong financial muscles and willingness to invest in long-term relations. Priceless when their services now are introduced to very demanding Norwegian clients.

A clear senior-developer strategy

At Kalpavruksh the average developer experience is more than 8 years. I enthusiastically found out that hardly anyone with less than 5 years of experience is hired. A rare and costly strategy –that has been crucial to succeed in Scandinavia. HR Director Jay do not have any difficulties attracting the best talents to the impressing development center in Mumbai.

Focus on fast growing SME’s (that want to feel prioritized)

The Kalpavruksh organization is tuned to offer flexible development capacity to fast growing companies. The group only have 4500 developers, and offer the flexibility of a small company – but a giant’s credibility and resources. (Yes sure, it feels strange to write “only 4500” but we are in India after all)

Strong Scandinavia focus

Kalpavruksh focus is on Northern Europe and especially Scandinavia. Necessary learning is already done and it is invested considerably in adoption of the delivery model; the Scandinavian model. Martin and co. has built a strong customer base in Sweden and Denmark. Very important experience comes with the package to Norway.

Martin Dommerby Kristiansen, Managing Director for Kalpavruksh in Scandinavia recently wrote this article: Norway; we are coming to you.

A core technology partner

Kalpavruksh develop strategic partnerships with software developers and IT-departments with strong domain knowledge themselves. Kalpavruksh has cultivated the role as technology partner, within Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Java and open source.

You might want to look at the Kalpavruksh website here

The fascinating people behind the company

I was impressed by the Scandinavian Director Martin and his never-ending sharing of sourcing knowledge in social media. Jacob, that spent his vacation this summer writing a book on Microsoft Dynamics. The HR manager Jay, which know exactly what it takes to create enthusiastic developers. The extremely experienced delivery manager Mangal. Last but not least, Apoorva, the owner that himself visit all Scandinavian clients to assure everything is on track.

Mission Mumbai – a real kick-start for India outsourcing

The first time I heard about «Mission Mumbai», Kalpavruksh 48 hour workshop in India – I decided that this is something I will introduce also to Norwegian ICT-companies. Now I am looking forward to lead several “missions” this fall/winter – and I hope to see you there.

The name? Kalpavruksh – is according to Hindu mythology a tree that fulfils your wishes

When it comes to supply the right development resources, I really believe Jay, Mangal, Jakob, Martin and Apoorva can live up to the committing name. I hope and believe that with my 15 years of India experience I can also contribute to realize some growth wishes also in Norway.

The story is more than good

It is easy to be enthusiastic having a good story to tell. That I have got with Kalpavruksh. Do you agree?

I hope to see you with me on Mission Mumbai this fall

Visit the presentation page here…
Are you in?