Let me share a few panoramic India photos. 6 moments captured this Christmas and New Year.

Written by Trond Skundberg

1) Fully testing out the haute bohemian lifestyle at Inger’s beautiful Goa mansion.

Her adventurous life, where India has played the leading role the last 2 decades – has transformed into her book “Pushpa”. She truly has stories to tell -and we don’t mind listening.


2) Hidden somewhere in Goa: the gardens of an old Portuguese house about to be dressed for THE Christmas party.

In a few hours, 50 dancing guests will scare away the last snakes. -“I am good at mixing people” our hostess Inger confesses. -“At our parties the craziest designers control themselves (slightly) and the most conservative politicians and businessmen let go a little more than usual”. I can confirm the last to be true. Anyhow; what happens in the garden – stays in the garden. If no one is hit by a coconut, everyone will be celebrating again in a year from now.


3) This room has been silent since 1846. Tranquility guaranteed.


Steeped in history; the library of the majestic Royal Bombay Yacht Club. From British dominion to an independent India, these walls have seen it all. Today they see a country with world domination ambitions, and 3 Norwegians soaking in the atmosphere.


4) Day 3, the wedding day: geared up after two days of pre-wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties.


The boys-side family and friends are gathering outside the venue. The groom had switched the traditional white horse for a double-decker London bus surrounded by dancing friends. We all approached the girls-side to the beat of Indian drums. Passing dancing people, colorful creatures and an elephant -before being welcomed by the bride’s family.


5) A candle lit fairytale: a wonderful ceremony in the home of the bride.


Wearing my finest kurta and shawl, to some extent I felt successful in blending in. The skirt all of us men was dressed up in -truly helped. The Champagne even more. The short story of the ceremony: the families accept each other, the family give away the bride, the couple promise each other to live happily ever after. Sounds familiar? Next – the extravagant reception…but that’s another, and longer story.


6) Where do you want to go? Nowhere, thanks!


For me, this iconic 1888 railway station is the destination itself. It’s obviously different for the more than 3 million commuters passing through the building every day. This is where the first passenger train service in India started. This is where the terrorists attacked in 2008 and killed 58 people. This is the heart of Mumbai. Welcome to fantastic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus).

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