Visiting our IBM Bluemix team in Vadodara, Gujarat -India.

How can you possibly succeed without spending quality time with the most important people in your project? It’s not even debatable. You have to know the people developing your software. They need to know you. 

To get the so important piece of your enthusiasm -they need to hear it directly from you; not only your idea of the system features – but which problems the product will solve, who your product is going to mean a difference for- and your visions for the future.

Around the table in the office, having a traditional Thali lunch or when sightseeing the old city – at some point you feel the magic happens. All of a sudden you notice the feeling of having your own team in India, sharing your enthusiasm – caring for your success.

We have facilitated project trips for more than a decade now. Effective visits to our centers in India -that has created small wonders for the involved. My most important goal is to assure the right people are connecting. I also play an active role in the product workshops to assure a common understanding is developed. I run at least one session on cultural differences – which huge effects in Nordic-India collaboration never stop fascinating me.

A bonding project visit to India is a very small investment to get your product flying. See you on-ground somewhere in India.