What on earth am I doing strolling the streets of Mumbai’s Colaba neighborhood escorted by a sailor?

I can reveal it was related to Sinusitis rather than yachting. One of the always helpful concierges of RBYC found out I wasn’t feeling well, and gave an immediate order to follow him around the corner – to the doctor.

Being Sunday the doctor’s office was closed. Which resulted in more marching to find the next one, that also turned out to be closed.

Much more marching and stair-climbing, to finally find one that was open. It was an obstetrician-gynecologist surgeon, but this wasn’t the time to be too picky.

I assume the two giggly nurses shared my view that this over-sized Norwegian gentleman escorted by the flimsy sailor in shorts – looked a little alien in a downtown Mumbai lady nursing home.

The Doctor concluded I was a slight feverish, overweight, 50-year-old man with Sinusitis. Though I had already figured out most of it myself, she had one weapon I hadn’t – the license to write prescriptions.

-You will get good relief, she promised me.

The only thing I had to promise was to lose weight. Which is anyhow a promise I make all the time.

The sailor took me to a Pharmacy-ish outlet, where the man behind the counter explored his boxes and jars for whatever that was going to cure the pressure in my head.

Back at the Yacht Club I indulged in the mix of 4 tablets -and sure got good relieve.

Photo snapshot credit goes to the rearguard, Thea – that followed the delegation from a safe distance.