Holi celebrations India

You have seen photos of it: people go wild throwing colored powder on each other, celebrating the beginning of the new season – spring. Get the instructions here.

Known as “the festival of colors”, Holi is a full moon Hindu festival celebrated in February/March. 

It´s all about good things. The two day religious festival Holi celebrates spring, love and the victory of good over evil. So far so good.

The instructions of how to celebrate Holi seems simple:

  • spray colors on everyone
  • dance
  • party
  • run around in the streets and play drums
  • laugh
  • gossip
  • eat Holi delicacies*

Everyone is in on it it; young, old, rich, poor, men and women. The devisions of society seems to be repealed for a day.

The mission simply is to spray or bomb others with as much color powder as possible. Even weapons such as water guns and balloons filled with colored water is used. Mixed with water it really makes impact. 

*For the slightly more hardcore participants (my assumption) literature is describing it as customary to drink Bhang, a yogurt drink with canabis. This must be the explanation to some of the elements, especially the laughing and gossiping. The drum playing?

Luckily, the evening tradition seems to be to sober-up, wash, dress-up and visit family and friends. 

So what´s our plans for the day?

At least before writing this a very early morning in Goa, the plan was to go to the gym and then work. All of a sudden that appears slightly boring.

Who knows, may bee we will be running in the streets -playing drums in a couple of hours?