I thought a clean shave signalized trust, and hence was good for business. I was wrong

A noteworthy high percentage of Indian men has a more or less impressive upper-lip-decoration. Why? After looking into it I understood it’s simply because it’s good for business. South-Indians are the very best, with 80% of the male population strategically using facial hair to increase return on investments.


A secret weapon unknown to us westerners?

It’s not particularly easy to do business in India, so any secret tricks was worth looking into. Would it work in my industry, the ICT sector? In all markets?


You have to believe in it

My research first revealed comprehensive beliefs in moustache-magic with the supply side in India. Everyone seems to be in on it. The secret is passed on from older family members to the new generation businessmen, eagerly waiting for the upper lip hair to start growing. Getting ready to take over the business.


How could I overlook this magic?

My main finding was that it’s not the regular commerce that is accelerated proportionally to the moustache size. It’s not the day time job that is boosted. Not only does the moustache state maturity. Very strong signals of manhood and virility comes with the package. About time I found out.


User testing is important

I eagerly started growing what was supposed evolve to an impressive Maharaja style mustache. But, the moustache-trick doesn’t seem to work in all countries. At least the turnover in my home market dropped dramatically.