Are you eager to introduce your products or services to the billion people market India? Let me introduce you to criteria number one for India success.


You just have to be “hands on”

You know the real soul of your own concept. You know how to produce your product. You know what is needed to deliver the service. You know which experience you want to give your clients.

So isn’t it obvious you have to be hands on, producing the product or deliver the service, and quality assure the client experience? Then tell me why so many don’t follow the so simple recipe – and fail.


To succeed in India, you just have to spend time on ground

You can’t remote control your activities in India. You have to be in India. Or at least spend considerable time in India. The “onion of India” has too many layers. A one week stay now and then won’t even peel off the outermost one. When you leave India, you bring the passion, the knowledge and everything else with you. So, if you want to succeed -stay.


Replicate the whole thing

If you have succeeded with a fish-hook produced in Norway, and you want to produce it in India – then bring the guy that produced it in Norway- and you both go to India. Stay and do the same thing there. Don’t compromise on the quality (many forces will work against you there)


The french chef that did everything right

Recently I experienced a fantastic French meal in India. Our table was just in front of the open kitchen. We observed the French owner sniffing and tasting, as he with great passion overlooked the making of our food. Congratulations Gregory, you have really understood it. Hands-on, time on ground, assuring the goods being delivered.


Start experience India right away

Don’t underestimate the effect of the cultural differences. If not understood and dealt with, they are show-stoppers, or in best case factors that will slow you down horribly. The only known medicine is YOU being exposed to it, to experience and learn.

So, for India success, remember hands-on, time on ground, replicate the whole thing and assure the quality.