When in India, you can’t avoid getting into a situation where you think “why didn’t he just answer; no?” or “why didn’t she just tell me it was not possible?”


I am sure you agree in the disadvantage in finding out later that something you took as a big “YES”, actually was a “no”

Here is the Indian code: people in general pay more consideration to the answer they assume you want to hear. That is great. As long as you are in on that cultural secret. Now that I know it, I find It to create a lot more friendly situations.

Phrases like “That is possible”, or “I can try that” might mean; “no, that is not possible”. If as me, you have a north Europeen background, you could be misunderstanding it for being a clear “yes”

So, next time someone tell you “Yes, but it is going to be difficult” – you know it’s a big “NO”.

Now you also know why you always get help when asking for directions. But unfortenately it turns out correct only 25% of the times. Right?