One of our secret vepons to assure good communication and delivery on time, is our Scandinavian Ambassador in India.

The Devant Ambassador does what any Ambassador should. No – not just having Frozen Margaritas at “Casa Stefan” also known as Grand Hyatt. The mission is being our clients voice, far-east, physically present in the middle of our developers. So far with no diplomatic immunity.

Lise-Mari has served her contract in Goa, and left many marks. I suppose the most visual one is painting our slogan “Scandinavian design – Indian technology” straight on the office wall.

Don’t you know we have a Facebook wall Lise-Mari?

Good bye Ambassador Lise-Mari.

Welcome Ambassador Angela, that has already checked in to our best room in Casa Devant, and had her first Frozen Margarita at Grand Hyatt.