My Workshops

I offer two different workshops, to prepare and charge you for your India-business experience. Get in touch for time and place, or to discuss a session tailored to your company.


IMG_3838“HELP – I am going to India on business”

A humoristic approach to your crash with the Indian culture and business the Indian way. The Workshop is fully loaded with important knowledge useful for anyone visiting India on business, planning to do business in India or is collaborating with an Indian partner.

My own 10 India-business rules will be presented. I will introduce you to the business-culture in India and guide you to stay out of the most common cultural-traps.

I will also bring you up to date on the most important in politics, religion and society. Finally, I will let you in on the most important do’s and don’ts for your business travel.




IMG_3839“ITC Outsourcing to India – please mind the gap”

Let me introduced you to the lessons learned from 15 years in outsourcing to India. I will charge you with all the basics of outsourcing and let you in on the success criterias that made others succeed.

In the workshop we will pay a lot of attention to the so important communication. Having different “cultural fields” can create unnecessary misunderstandings.

Hopefully you will get enough knowledge to save both time, frustration and in the end – money.

This workshop is ment for companies considering offshoring or has already dived into it – and see the need of a deeper understanding.