I believe all of us has a India battery inside us. Unfortunately it is only us real India freaks who know how good it feels having that battery regularly charged. A charging that can obviously just happen in India. But, once the battery is fully charged – it is even more fantastic to leave India, then coming to India.


Do you know the feeling? Fantastic to come, but it feels even better to leave? (of course even greater to come back next time). I see nothing wrong in admitting that sitting on a plane getting out of India can be such a great relief. When the India battery is full, it is simply full- nothing we can do about it. Now the rush is all of a sudden knowing one can actually escape India – and get home to all the fantastic things there.


I think it is this solid refill of life at home, that makes It feel so fantastic visiting India. So what we frequent India visitors experience as fantastic about India, would certainly not feel fantastic at all, for someone knowing only India, or staying only in India. Simply because their India battery gets over-charged and eventually damaged.

It has a lot to do with seeing something new to be inspired. India has some very powerful inspiring elements, strong enough to inspire you again and again – you just have to leave and come back – again and again. Myself I am a “leaving and coming back to India addict”.

Once home – things feel great. (Norway) People you have missed, food, the crisp air, the silence, the cleanliness, the less crowded streets, walking the dog in the forest – it all feels so right.

You will (atleast I will) probably empty yourself to your mother in law with frustration about the not so fantastic sides about India. You will overhear her say “I guess he needed to get that out”. Your daughter will (at least mine will) write her longest Facebook status ever – about how great it was to come home.

But….the very next evening you will all be browsing for the keyword “India” when renting a movie. You will find yourself laughing and crying watching The best exotic Marigold Hotel. (great movie by the way)

That is how long it takes before the India battery inside starts speaking to you again.

If you are a true “leaving and coming back to India addict” – in a few months the battery is again totally empty, and you have to be on your way again. Back to Fantastic India 🙂


  1. I had the same feeling about China. It felt good to be there, but even better when I was leaving. Now I’m planning to get back 🙂 Are you still in India :)?

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