After a work week in Pune, we were heading for Goa – by train. After a horrible drive on the Pune-Mumbai express highway, were the driver really tried to kill us, we landed in Panvel, where he left us outside the train station.

We soon realized the Goa train was a couple of hours delayed. That turned into 5-6 hours actually.

So much for the “go by train to see the great costline between Mumbai and Goa”. Not that much to see after dark.

Not that much to see or do in the train station either. But with no proper information on when the train would arrive or on which track – our focus was kept high troughout the day. Obviously it was not a good idea to leave the train station to explore possibly better sides of Panvel.

What to say about Panvel?
It has a population of 200 000, and it is just outside Mumbai.

If you ever happen to go the train station urinal, you should know that the piping is missing.
So after a couple of seconds your shoes are getting vet. After a couple of more seconds you realize why.

What to say about the train ride?
As mentioned, it was dark, so not much to see. We had sleeper seats in second class AC. Nothing wrong with that. Not like the luxury trains you have seen on Travel Channel though.

If your shoes should dry up, that can easily be taken care of in the Indian style toilet on board.