The new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a lot of promises to live up to. Hundreds of millions that helped putting him where he is,  expect returns – fast. So, Modi did the right thing, he created a lion to help him.


A grand launch of the “Make in India” campaign.

Last week Narendra Modi launched a program which goal is to transform India into THE global manufacturing hub: “Make in India”

Millions of new manufacturing jobs in 25 prioritized sectors are to pull people out of poverty and in to the consuming middle class. One of the many goals are to make India a net exporter of goods. Modi’s Government also want to see the GDP growth rate back at above 8% within a few years.

To put it simple, by taking a number of immediate steps, the Indian government want to dramatically reduce bureaucracy and boost incentives for foreign direct investments in India. At the same time a massive focus on developing the infrastructure is announced.


The lions strengths and courage

The symbol of the more than ambitious campaign is the strength and courage of the lion. Yes, India actually has Lions, not surprisingly -in Gujarat.


Zero effect and zero defect

A politically correct zero defect on the environment ambition -is part of the package.

Visit the campaign website here:


The President and the Prime Minister on Twitter

You know things are changing in India when the Prime Minister re-tweets the Presidents clean-tweet.


 Great sailing wind for Norway – India commerce

For all of us passionate about business in India, the timing seems just perfect to make a move.

Very recently we (NICCI) organized a meeting in Oslo were the Norwegian Ambassador to India, Eivind Homme, expressed his believe in Prime Minister Modi’s plan. His slight concern was for the voters demand of too quick results.

Mr. Homme said:

“India is like a super tanker, which takes time to turn. But I believe there is a captain on the bridge that means business”

The Innovation Norway Director in India, Helge Tryti, also participated and highlighted the fact that Norwegian companies has expertise that could turn out vital for the rise of new India. It’s truly a match too good to be overlooked.

Read my article summing up the NICCI meeting and Mr. Homme’s speach: “How to ride the Modi wave” here:


Meeting the new Indian Ambassador to Norway

The day before the large-scale “Make in India” launch I joined a meeting with the new Indian Ambassador to Norway. Mr. Brown. He described Modi as a real hard-worker and couldn’t have been more clear in his judgment of the situation:

“I can’t think of a better time to start this endeavor of robust bilateral relations between India and Norway than now”

Mr. Browne impressed me with both his insight and obvious willingness to participate side by side with all of us working for increased Norway-India business.

I think the former Air Chief Marshal demonstrated a great sense of humor, a lot of common sense and a sharp mind – that will all come in useful in the work ahead.

Read Sudipa’s article from the meeting with Ambassador NAK Browne here: