Another of our monsoon traditions is checked off successfully, the St. Anna festival. Again our secretary and friend Nezia invited us home to her parents place in the remote village of Taulolim, for festival lunch.

Nezias father used to be a chef, and is in absolute control in the kitchen. Fantastic beef roast and Pork Sorpotel. (even got a generous portion with us home, so no doubt what we had for dinner)

Nezias sister Nancy has her own beauty parlor, so she “did” Theas and Mettes nails, using a technique no one had seen earlier.

Meanwhile I went with Xavier to a nearby rice field to get some good photos of the surroundings.

Since Nezia and her husband Xavier is very much in the process of wanting children, the St. Anna festival couldn’t be more right, being the festival is mainly for couples wanting a child.

The enormous St. Anna church (compared to the village size) was build be Portuguese missionaries in 1577, and later declared as a national monument by Portugal. St.Anna is the mother of Mary, so her grandson should be known to most of us.

Another great day at Nezia’s place – we will be back.