Devant cross country skiing in Pune India

When we celebrated our 10 first years of operation in India (2010), we did a few things that I think never has been done in Pune earlier. We had a Richsaw Rally with one Norwegian and one Indian on each team. We had a Cricket match Norway vs India (hmmmmm), and worst of all, we had a Cross Country Skiing competition Norway vs India. On gras. No wonder we partied hard that evening. Read on to see more photos from the events…

Devant Ricshaw rally

What a great way to see the city of Pune. Getting leads and racing from place to place in an Autorichsaw. I came in last. (Actually my team never came in)


Devant Ricshaw rally

I am ready.

Devant Olympic Games

Devant Cricket match Norway vs India

Cricket Norway vs India. Guess who won? Anyhow, this is the Norwegian team. Cricket really is more difficult than it looks.

Devant Cross country skiing Norway vs India

Cross country skiing on grass is rarely seen. I have a feeling this was the first race in Pune ever.

Devant afterparty at the O Hotel in Pune

Prize cermony for the Richsaw Rally, the Cricket match and the Cross country competition.

Devant afterparty at the O Hotel in Pune

Dancing the night away, under the stars. The rooftop terrace of the O hotel in Pune.

Devant events Pune program

The program for our events.

If you want to see even more, we have more photos on the Devant Facebook page