Fantastic welcome to India video

What do you think? Isn't India fantastic? If you like it - share it.   Incredibel India: Come, seek and be discovered. Match India's rhythms to your heart, its colours...

My favorite places to eat and drink in Goa (updated 2017)

It's a pleasure to present my top eateries and water holes in Goa. Start from the top of my list - and if you are in Goa...

ATM on wheels

It's not every day the ATM is blocking the road in front of you. It's the first time I see this. Smart. Seen in Panjim today. Gone...

The most fantastic about India, is actually leaving India.

I believe all of us has a India battery inside us. Unfortunately it is only us real India freaks who know how good it feels having that...

This is not India – this is Goa’s secret: Fontainhas

Panjim has a big surprise in store: a fantastic Latin Quarter with narrow streets, squares and Quaint Goan houses painted in clear colors which remind you of...

Swimming in the rain

Monsoon magic. I am swimming in the rain, I am swimming in the rain. Lovely monsoon swim after the Sunday brunch at Alila Diwa in south Goa.  

Do you want good ones or simple ones? 

For me the decision was an easy one. I went “all-in” and aimed for the good allergy tablets, since I was out of my prescribed allergy medicine....

Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar finally in action

By far my favorite Indian market. Ingo's Saturday Night Bazaar in Goa. A hard to find mix of people, products, food, smells and sounds.

Shantaram – again…

For the fifth time I will try to get through Shantaram. It's a 1000 page book, so that must be the reason I have not completed earlier....

Our secret weekend hideaway in Goa

Enjoy one of "our" wonderful beaches in Goa.