Ambassador Lise-Mari leaving a mark in Goa

One of our secret vepons to assure good communication and delivery on time, is our Scandinavian Ambassador in India.

The Devant Ambassador does what any Ambassador should. No – not just having Frozen Margaritas at “Casa Stefan” also known as Grand Hyatt. The mission is being our clients voice, far-east, physically present in the middle of our developers. So far with no diplomatic immunity.

Lise-Mari has served her contract in Goa, and left many marks. I suppose the most visual one is painting our slogan “Scandinavian design – Indian technology” straight on the office wall.

Don’t you know we have a Facebook wall Lise-Mari?

Good bye Ambassador Lise-Mari.

Welcome Ambassador Angela, that has already checked in to our best room in Casa Devant, and had her first Frozen Margarita at Grand Hyatt.